• Outstanding mechanical stability
  • Ultra fast handling
  • Radiative heating of metals and semiconductors during imaging
  • Temperature range 90K – 1000°C for all samples
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • No need for tip replacement


Product Description:

With the STM Aarhus 150 HT, SPECS introduces a unique high temperature version by advanced heat flow management to allow imaging metals and semiconductors at elevated temperatures above 1000°C. While standard STMs at high temperatures normally operate with direct current heating only, the STM Aarhus 150 HT operates with radiative heating to allow sample systems being used that are completely independent e.g. from semiconductor doping levels. The advanced heat flow management allows imaging at elevated temperatures without measurement time limitations. Even at temperatures exceeding 1000°C all temperatures reach equilibrium within minutes to allow constant imaging with ultimate low drift for as long as desired by the experimentalist.