Electron Spectrometers


A New Generation of Hemispherical Energy Analyzers for Electron and Ion Spectroscopy

Nanotechnology is focused on the engineering and the physical properties of small structures. Therefore techniques that have sensitivities at a scale of 0.1 nm to 100 nm are required to study these structures. Different methods of electron spectroscopy (XPS, UPS and AES) have a sensitivity in this range and are therefore key techniques in nanoscience.Thanks to our high level of expertise in electron optics and electronics we can offer electron spectrometers with the highest resolution and transmission possible.

For hard X-ray XPS (HAXPES) and ultra high resolution PES (ARUPS)


  • Handles electron energies of up to 15 keV
  • Ultra high energy resolution in UPS (< 1meV), XPS (< 7 meV) and HAXPES (<15 meV)
  • Angular Mapping (ΔΘ < 0.1°)
  • CCD, DLD and DLD/SPIN detection available
  • Low dark-count detector units
  • High stability power supplies
  • High retarding ratios
  • Different modes of operation (UPS, XPS and HXPS)



  • Wide Angle Pre-Lens with 44 ° Acceptance Angle
  • Near Ambient Working Pressures up to 25 mbar
  • Large Kinetic and Pass Energy Range
  • High Energy and Angular Resolution