Un sistema UHV di analisi superficiale per la caratterizzazione dei film sottili

Misura la composizione superficiale dei primi pochi nanometri e/o micron di campioni solidi

La Workstation SIMS permette SIMS statico e dinamico ad alte prestazioni per una dettagliata analisi della composizione superficiale e per il profiling in profondità.


The SNMS facility complements the SIMS technique, providing quantification for thin film composition measurements.

Hiden’s new SIMS-on-a-Flange provides a complete SIMS facility on a single UHV conflat type flange.


  • Hiden MAXIM SIMS analyser operating under MASsoft 7 Professional for ppb analysis
  • Integrated ioniser for efficient SNMS analysis
  • Choice of differentially pumped primary excitation sources
  • IG20 Gas, IG5C Caesium, IFG200 FAB or high performance liquid gallium guns
  • Integral ion gun raster control with signal gating for depth profiling
  • Electron flood gun option for charge neutralisation in insulator studies
  • Vacuum chamber bakeout heaters
  • Fast sample transfer, sample holder and manipulator with load lock
  • UHV manipulator for optimum sample positioning
  • SIMS elemental imaging option with ESM LabVIEW SIMS Imaging program
  • Static SIMS Spectral Library available
  • Automatic SIMS ion optics lens tuning
  • Automatic mass alignment for optimum SIMS performance


Mass range

300, 510 or 1000 amu

Minimum detectable concentration

PPM/PPB level contamination analysis

SIMS - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry 


Analysis of ions ejected from sample surface

Yes (primary ions of oxygen, argon or caesium)

SNMS - Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry


Analysis of ions ejected from sample surface

Yes (primary ions of oxygen, argon or caesium)

Depth resolution

+/- 5 nanometer

Minimum detectable concentration - SIMS

1016 atoms per cubic centimeter - species dependent

Minimum detectable concentration - SNMS

0.01% - species dependant

UHV multiport chamber


Accommodates additional instrumentation

Yes (E.g. XPS)