Un compatto sistema per l'analisi dell'evoluzione dei gas in TGA-MS

Misura l'evoluzione di gas e vapori da analizzatori termo gravimetrici (TGA)

Il sistema di analisi dei gas HPR-20 QIC EGA è configurato per l'analisi continua dell'evoluzione dei gas da analizzatori termogravimetrici (TGA)


Interface systems are available for most TGA instruments. The TGA interface includes re-entrant furnace sampling, providing close coupling to the TGA furnace region for optimized evolved gas/vapour analysis.

Custom designed interfaces are available for special requirements with alternative systems being offered for applications requiring direct sampling from advanced thermogravimetric analysers operating at higher pressures to 30 bar.


  • Enhanced pumping for light gases
  • Heated inlet for non-tailing response to desorbed gases and vapours
  • Control of ionisation energy parameters for simplification of cracking patterns
  • Custom, low dead volume interface to specific manufacturers’ TGA systems
  • Optimised data acquisition using EGAsoft
  • Mass range option 300 or 510 amu


Mass range

200 or 300 amu

Minimum detectable concentration

100 PPB

Response time to gas concentration change

300 milliseconds

High capacity vacuum pumping


Sample inlet

Heated flexible silica capillary

Standard capillary length

2 meters

TA-MS adaptors/interfaces to suit most TGA systems


Carrier gas 

Helium or Argon

Sample flow required (Standard)

16 atm cc/min

Sample flow required (Optional)

Options for < 1 atm cc/min to > 20 atm cc/min

Fast measurement speed 

Up to 500 measurements per second

Dedicated evolved gas analysis software


Designed for TGA-MS