Uno spettrometro di massa per fasci molecolari per analizzare neutri, radicali e ioni

Misura la cinetica delle reazioni a pressione atmosferica, con un'opzione per arrivare a 5 bar

Lo spettrometro di massa HPR-60 è uno strumento compatto con inlet a skimmer per l'analisi degli intermedi di fase di gas reattivi.


Radicals are sampled via a multistage differentially pumped skimmer inlet and transferred to the MS ion source with minimal interaction with other species and without wall collisions. Customisable inlets allow connection to many different reactor systems, including atmospheric plasmas.

The skimmer system, combined with a Hiden triple filter precision mass spectrometer, offers a sampling system with ultra fast response and high accuracy.


  • Molecular beam sampling at atmospheric pressure
  • +ve and -ve ion analysis
  • User replaceable skimmer cones (can be biased)
  • Electron attachment ionisation mode for the study of electro-negative radicals
  • APSI-MS soft ionisation mode for radicals analysis
  • Mass range options: 300, 510 or 1000 amu
  • Energy range options: 100 eV or 1000 eV


Mass range

300, 510 or 1000 amu

Atmospheric plasma analysis

+ve and -ve ions and neutrals

Flame ionisation/combustion studies

+ve and -ve ions and neutrals

Neutral radical analysis

Appearance potential - APSI- MS

Neutral radical analysis

Electron attachment -E A- MS

Sample inlet pressure (Standard)

Atmospheric pressure

Sample inlet pressure (Optional) 

20 mbar, 100 mbar and 5 bar 

Energy range options

100 or 1000eV

Application for High Temperature Processes

 > 1000oC

Corrosive gas sampling options