Un analizzatore dedicato all'analisi dei gas contenuti in sistemi chiusi

Misura la concentrazione di gas e vapori in sistemi isolati

L'analizzatore automatizzato HPR-90 permette l'analisi di gas su campioni ermeticamente sigillati, come le lampadine.


The HPR-90 system can be custom configured to suit small automobile bulbs through to fluorescent tubes.

This system comprises a piercing unit, UHV manifold and sampling system, a triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer and all associated control equipment on a mobile cart.


  • Hiden HAL 3F/301 triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • Interchangeable cracking chamber with cracking mechanism
  • Automated inlet with automatic leak valve including calibration gas inlet
  • High sensitivity to < 10 ppm in a sealed package at 10 mbar
  • Data can be collated with serial numbers from sample bulbs
  • Mass range options to 1000 amu
  • Automatic data reporting formats


Mass range

200, 300 or 510 amu

Minimum detectable concentration


Maximum detectable concentration


Automated inlet

Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes

Automatic data reporting