Con ionizzazione a impatto elettronico ed electron attachment

Il sistema di analisi dei gas HPR-20 EPIC è configurato per l'analisi di gas e vapori a pressioni vicine a quella atmosferica. Sono disponibili sistemi per l'analisi di gas fino a 30 bar.


The Hiden QIC quartz-lined sampling interface operating at up to 200oC provides fast response times of less than 300 milliseconds for most common gases and vapours, including water vapour.

The system includes the Hiden EPIC triple filter mass spectrometer including a high gain pulse ion counting electron multiplier detector with positive and negative ion detection. Analysis is both by standard electron impact ionization and by appearance potential soft ionisation (APSI-MS).

The system includes a software selectable mode, electron attachment mass spectrometry (EA-MS), to analyse negative ions formed within the internal ioniser by electron attachment. The electron attachment mode provides vital information for investigating electronegative species, identifying the parent molecules of stable radicals from plasma processes for example.


  • DMM-dynamic multi-mode scanning- uniquely applied for the electron attachment ionization technique for electronegative gas studies
  • Extended mass range options to 1000 amu
  • Pulse ion counting electron multiplier detector with 7 decades continuous dynamic range
  • QIC inlet providing <300 ms response time to changes in gas concentrations
  • Fast scan speeds, with up to 650 measurements per second for transient analysis