Un sistema per la determinazione della chimica intra-catalisi dei reattori

Misura in tempo reale la concentrazione di gas in un monolite di catalisi

Spaci-MS permette di determinare le specie e ottenere il profilo di temperatura radialmente e assialmente, con un'elevata risoluzione spaziale e temporale e con una minima perturbazione del flusso o della temperatura. Il multi ingresso a 16 canali è accoppiato con uno spettrometro di massa per fornire una una mappatura della temperatura e delle specie.


The Hiden Analytical spatially resolved capillary inlet MS (Spaci-MS) is the first commercially available instrument of its kind.

The Spaci-MS inlet was originally conceived and developed by researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cummins, Inc. to study diesel catalysis (1) and has been further developed for a whole range of applications.

The 16 capillary sampling probes and thermocouples are arranged in an X-Y array. A Z-shift provides movement and accurate positioning of the array in the Z plane. In usual practice, the 16 capillary sampling probes are sequentially analysed by the MS. The Z-shift is then actuated to move the sampling probe array to the next incremental Z position and the analysis sequence is repeated. On completion the analytical data provides a spatial representation of temperature and sample gas composition of the volume enclosed within the X-Y array over the total incremental Z distance moved.


  • 16 Capillary inlet system
  • Software controlled sampling stream position
  • Z-Drive for positioning of inlet positions
  • Thermocouple inputs for temperature measurement at sampling point
  • Minimally invasive
  • 3-D Mapping of intra-reactor gas composition
  • High temporal distribution


Mass range

200 or 300 amu

Minimum detectable concentration

100 ppb

Maximum detectable concentration

100 %

Sample inlet pressure

100 mbar to 2 bar abs

Sampling inlet

Heated flexible silica capillary

Fast measurement speed

Up to 500 measurments per second

Number of inlets

Up to 16 (depending on sample size)

Number of Thermocouples

Up to 16 (depending on sample size)

Sample flow required

Options for < 1 atm cc/min to 20 atm cc/min

Corrosive gas sampling options