Componenti per esperimenti TPD (TDS) in UHV

Misura la concentrazione di gas e vapori in tempo reale

La serie 3F PIC di quadrupoli comprende analizzatori ad alta precisione con triplo filtro e rilevatori digitali per ottenere la sensibilità e la risoluzione spaziale più elevate in applicazioni TPD in UHV.


3F Series analysers include an optional UHV compatible mass filter shroud and low profile ion source for close positioning to the desorption surface.

Both analogue and digital inputs are provided for synchronous acquisition start and sample temperature data display alongside mass channel data.

Multiple ion detection mode allows more than 100 channels to be monitored simultaneously, each with a unique set of MS parameters. Choose species from the internal library or via NIST MS database with direct import/export to MASsoft Professional software.


  • Low profile ion source
  • Fast data acquisition
  • 500 data points per second
  • Wide dynamic range
  • 7 decade continuous log scale
  • Gating input for pulsed gas studies down to 100 nano seconds gating resolutio


Mass range

200, 300 or 510 amu

Range of Shrouds

Liquid N2 or Water Cooled, Stainless steel or quartz

Temperature control

Options to control Eurotherm PID units (RS485)


Pulse Ion Counter

Fast measurement speed

Up to 500 measurements per second

Corrosive gas sampling options