Inlet con spettrometro di massa da accoppiare a sistemi TGA

Misura in tempo reale la decomposizione e il desorbimento di gas e vapori provenienti da sistemi termici di analisi

All of Hiden’s capillary inlet gas analysers may additionally be equipped with fast response, low dead volume interfaces for the most popular TGA equipment.


Each interface has been custom engineered in collaboration with TGA manufacturers and includes, where necessary, robust clamping arrangements and in-line heated filter assembly between the outlet of the TGA and the MS capillary inlet.



Mass range

200 or 300 amu

Minimum detectable concentration

100 ppb

Maximum detectable concentration

100 %

Sample inlet pressure

100 mbar to 2 bar abs

Sampling inlet

Heated flexible silica capillary

Response time to gas concentration change

300 milliseconds

Fast measurement speed

Up to 500 measurments per second

Sample flow required

Options for < 1 atm cc/min to 20 atm cc/min

Corrosive gas sampling options