• Notevole stabilità meccanica
  • Ultra rapido da usare
  • Range di temperatura 90 - 400 K
  • Eccellente stabilità in temperatura
  • Non necessita la sostituzione della punta

STM Aarhus 150 with ultimate atomic performance allows scientists to observe processes on surfaces at a scale of nanometers.
The miniaturized design, with the smallest mechanical loop between tip and surface, results in extreme stability unique to the STM market. Fast scan rates are achieved by high resonant frequencies of this scanner head design. The SPECS STM 150 Aarhus is equipped with a fast approach mechanism for full approach speeds of more than 1 mm/min. The tip may be cleaned by parallel ion beam etching, field emission, or short voltage pulses with no necessity for tip replacement as in other STMs.

The STM Aarhus 150 was designed by Professors Flemming Besenbacher, Erik Lægsgaard, and Ivan Stensgaard at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and is being exclusively produced and marketed by SPECS GmbH.


With the STM Aarhus 150 Rel.2 as the new STM Aarhus 150  standard SPECS introduces a modified suspension mechanism with permanent wire cooling to allow ultimate stability temperature control without sacrificing mechanical stability of the STM Aarhus 150.

Furthermore, SPECS developed a high temperature version of the STM Aarhus 150 to allow imaging metals and semiconductors at elevated temperatures up to 1000°C by radiative heating during STM operation. Upgrade paths for the STM Aarhus 150 Rel.2 to the STM Aarhus 150 HT versions are available.