• Il massimo rate di conteggio (misurato) è di 16,8 Mcps (i CEM standard arrivano a 5,6) per canale.
  • Buon comportamento, per quanto riguarda la linearità e i tempi morti fino a una velocità di conteggio di 10 Mcps. Fino a queste velocità di conteggio non si osservano deviazioni significative dalla linearità usando i sistemi di rilevazione PHOIBOS (CEM ed elettronica PCU 300).


The CEM 5 or 9 channeltron detector for the PHOIBOS analyzer is suitable for extremely high count rates without serious degradation.

Product Description

The PHOIBOS analyzer is equipped with either one, five, or nine single channel electron multipliers (SCD, MCD-5 or MCD-9). These standard detector systems are based on the extended range CEM. This device is a specially formed and treated glass tube which has the effect of multiplying a single electron at the input to a pulse of around 108 electrons at the output. Because of their low resistance, the extended range CEMs are suitable for extremely high count rates. A voltage between 2.5 - 3.5 kV across the cone and the tail-end initiates the electron multiplication. Electron multiplication is produced by the emissive layer along the inner surface of the channel. The gain is governed by the detector voltage and the condition of the emissive layer.