• Risoluzione laterale < 100 µm
  • telecamera digitale a 12 bit con un range dinamico di 1000
  • Sistema di lenti ad alta qualità
  • Multi channel plates (MCP) con un diametro di 40 mm
  • Possibilità di montare il detector senza modificare l'analizzatore


  • Measuring of line widths of rare gases
  • Imaging of the angular distribution of photoelectrons (ARPES)
  • Spectroscopic imaging

Product description

The SPECS 2D CCD detector can be mounted on a PHIOBOS 100, 150 or 225 analyzer. This detector features a 12 bit digital CCD camera together with a 40 mm diameter multi channel plate (MCP) Chevron assembly and a fast P43 phosphorous screen. Images can be read out from the camera at up to 40 frames per second with a dynamic range up to 1000 per frame without additional electronics. A high quality lens demagnifies the “phosphor image” by a factor of 7 onto the camera 1/2" CCD sensor to produce an image of 1392 x 1024 pixels.

The design is optimized for the detection of low energy electrons in terms of screening, magnetic shielding and residual magnetic forces.