• Rumore di fondo estremamente basso
  • Risposta lineare grazie al conteggio dei singoli eventi
  • Velocità di conteggio di 3 MHz in modo 2D e 2D/time resolved
  • Installabile senza modifiche all'analizzatore


  • Fermi surface mapping
  • Band structure mapping
  • Photoelectron diffraction measurements
  • Angular dispersion experiments in 2D mode
  • XPS, UPS, ESCA and AES in 7 channel mode
  • Stroboscopic experiments in 2D/time resolved mode
  • Time-of-flight measurements

Product Description

The delayline detector combines high countrates (3 MHz) with extremely high time resolution (190 ps) in one device. It is a time resolved 2D detector, equipped with two lateral and one time dimension and can be mounted on a PHOIBOS 100 or 150 analyzer. The delayline method is based on measuring the time differences of signals.