NT-MDT supply with high resolution SPM probes for the main SPM modes.
The probes are supplied with and without reflective coating, with conductive and magnetic coatings to cover the greater part of SPM application range.
Extremely sharp tips allow to obtain high-quality images of your samples.
Probes have standard chip size that makes them compartible with the devices of the most SPM manufactures.


·         Standard chip size: 1.6x3.4x0.3 mm.
·         Cross-section is trapezium-shape.
·         High reflective chemically stable Au back side coating (reflectivity is 3 times better in         comparison with uncoated probes).
·         Compatible with the most of commercialAFM devices.
·         The base silicon is highly doped to avoid electrostatic charges.


·         Rectangular shape.
·         Cross-section is trapezium-shape.
·         Backside width is given in probes specifications.
·         Available for contact, semicontact and noncontact modes.
·         Tip is set on the controlled distance 5-20мm from the free cantilever end.


·         Total tip shape is tetrahedral, the last 500nm from tip apex is cylindrical.
·         Tip height: 14 – 16 мm.
·         Typical curvature radius:
      - of uncoated tips 6 nm, guaranteed 10nm;
      - of coated tips 35nm.
·         Tip offset: 5 - 20 мm.
·         Tip aspect ratio: 3:1 – 7:1.
·         Front plane angle: 10°±2°.
·         Back plane angle: 30°±2°.
·         Side angle (half): 18°±2°.
·         Cone angle at the apex: 7° - 10°.

Side View Sketch

Front View Sketch

“Golden” Silicon Probes are available:

·         with Au and Al reflective coating
·         with PtIr, TiN, Au, diamond doped conductive coating
·         with CoCr magnetic coating
·         with no coatings (bare)
·         tipless