The Pra.Ma. company was founded in 1994 on dr. Mario da Prada's 20 years experience in the sale of scientifi instruments. Ever since, the company has been specialised in the study of surfaces and superficial films.

Until 2005 Pra.Ma. had two main divisions. The core business, until then, was the treatment of surfaces, as a mean of increasing there resistance to fatigue (the customers have been prestigious companies in the cycling field, like Shimano Italy and Ambrosio). During this period, the activity concerning the sale (and customer care) of scientific instruments was secondary. After acquiring new principals, world leaders in the field of surface analysis, the activity concerning the surface treatment was sold, in order to concentrate all the energies in this new field.

For sake of curiosity, in Sanskrit the word prama (प्रमा) derives from the verb ma, to measure, and it means to measure out, to measure correctly. In the Vedanta philosophy, prama means true knowledge, correct measure.