LEA-S500 – is a modern powerful atomic - emission spectral instrument with multichannel spectrum registration, combining in itself innovation technologies in the area of laser, spectral, measuring, digital equipment and software and permitting elemental (chemical) analysis of a sample in minutes. The detectable elements are from H to U, measuring range is to 100%. Necessary weight of the analyzed material is from 50 nanograms. The time period of multi-element analysis including sample preparation is 1 – 15 minutes. 400 analyses on determination of material homogeneity take about 7 minutes.

Intuitive software of LEA-S500 guarantees operation of the instrument from the first opeartion. Only several hours and minimum special knowledge is needed to learn basic functions of the device.

Two-pulse nanosecond laser source of spectra excitation, due to high energy, power and temporal stability, provides a maximal reproducibility of the analysis results and low detection limits of chemical elements and compounds. Simultaneously it provides arc and spark modes of spectra excitation.

High-quality light throughput aberration-free high-resolution spectrograph provides accurate and reliable measurements.

Unique detection system of short pulsed light signals provides extremely low limits of elements detection and a linearity of concentration dependences in a wide range.

Our innovative solutions guarantee:

  • High accuracy and precision determination of elements and their compounds (oxides) in the samples
  • Low detection limit of elements (from 0.01 ppm to 1ppb)
  • Analysis of various elements in any conductive, nonconductive solid (monolithic and powder) samples
  • Use of analytic lines at the optimal concentration sensitivity, free from spectral overlaps
  • Maximal efficiency of analytical light signal
  • Ease at operation and service
  • Safe operation and protection of personnel from harmful factors

Double pulse nano second laser