Catalysis and Thermal Analysis

Automated micro reactors and mass spectrometers for catalyst researchers

A system for catalyst characterisation, kinetic and thermodynamic measurements

The Hiden CATLAB is a bench-top microreactor and combined mass spectrometer system for rapid and reproducible catalyst characterisation and reaction studies.

A system for determination of intra catalyst reactor chemistry

Measures the real-time concentration of gases inside a catalyst monolith

Spaci-MS allows both radial and axial species determination and temperature profiles, with high spatial and temporal resolution and with negligible interference in flow or temperature. The 16 channel multi-inlet is coupled to Hiden’s fast transient MS to provide automatic and rapid mapping of temperature and species distributions.

A specialist gas analysis system for fast event transient analysis

Measures the concentration of fast event gases and vapours in real time

The Hiden HPR-20 QIC TMS Transient MS is configured for fast event gas analysis of gases and vapours at pressures near atmosphere. Ideal for fast gas switching experiments the MS features the Hiden QIC quartz-lined 0.9 m sampling interface.

Components for UHV TPD (TDS) experiments

Measures the concentration of gases and vapours in real time

Hiden’s 3F PIC Series Quadrupoles are high precision triple filter analysers with digital detectors for ultimate sensitivity and time resolution in UHV TPD applications.

A system for analysis of neutrals, radicals and ions

Measures the concentration of gases and vapours in real time

The Hiden HPR-60 molecular beam mass spectrometer is a compact skimmer inlet MS for the analysis of reactive gas phase intermediates.

MS inlets for coupling to TGA systems

Measures the decoposition and desorption gases and vapours in real time from thermal analysis systems

All of Hiden’s capillary inlet gas analysers may additionally be equipped with fast response, low dead volume interfaces for the most popular TGA equipment.

A system for UHV temperature programmed desorption (TPD) studies

Measures the temperature programmed desorption  from solid thin film samples

The TPD Workstation features a multiport UHV chamber with heated sample stage coupled to a high precision triple filter analyser with digital pulse ion counting detector for ultimate sensitivity and time resolution.