Universal sample holder with contact spring for STM and Spreading Resistance modes.

Sapphire substrate with electric contact for sample biasing.

Substrate size - 24х19.3x0.5mm.

Spring made from steel, grade 2, diameter -0.3mm.


Sample preparation procedure:

1. Take a clean substrate. Cut off a strip of a double-sided adhesive tape, slightly wider than the sample.

2. Stick the adhesive tape to the substrate, smooth its surface out with the back of the tweezers to remove air bubbles between the substrate and the adhesive tape.

3. Put the sample, for example, a graphite plate (HOPG), on the adhesive tape and carefully press it with tweezers in several places (not touching the area intended for the investigation) (Fig. 2-17).

NOTE. After the sample is fixed on the substrate, a noticeable vertical drift of the sample can occur within one hour (due to the slow relaxation of sticky tape). This drift should be taken into account. If a minimal drift is required due to the nature of the investigation, prepare the sample beforehand (at least in an hour before the investigation).








Prepared substrate with a HOPG sample installed