Grating set for Z-axis SPM calibration with three different height range - 20nm, 110nm, 520nm. Calibration grating set TGS1 is intended for Z-axis calibration of scanning probe microscopes and nonlinearity measurements.
Grating set contains 3 gratings TGZ1, TGZ2TGZ3 with different step heights.

Descrizione del reticolo

Structure: - Si wafer
- the grating is formed on the layer of SiO2
Pattern types: 1- Dimensional (in Z-axis direction)
Step height: TGZ1 - 21,6±1.5 nm
TGZ2 - 107±2 nm
TGZ3 - 560±4 nm
Period: 3±0,1 µm
Chip size: 5x5x0,5 mm
Effective area: central square 3x3 mm












Fig.1 SEM photo of TGZ3 grating