Set of calibration standards for SPM with International Calibration Cetficates. Intended for lateral and vertical calibration (including submicron calibration and simultaneuos calibration in X, Y and Z directions) , detection of lateral non-linearity, hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects, determination of the tip shape.

Grating set TGS_Cert includes:

1. 7 calibration gratings - TGZ1, TGZ2, TGZ3, TGG1, TGT1, TGQ1, TDG01.

2. International Calibrationg Certificates.

Grating set TGS_Cert can be used for:

  • SPM simultaneuos calibration in X, Y and Z directions;
  • submicron SPM calibration  in X or Y direction;
  • lateral and vertical calibration;
  • detection of lateral non-linearity;
  • detection of hysteresis, creep, and cross-coupling effects;
  • detection of angular distortion; 
  • for 3-D visualization of the scanning tip;
  • determination of tip sharpness parameters (aspect ratio and curvature radius), tip degradation and contamination control.

NT-MDT calibration gratings (TGS1, TGT1, TGG1, TGQ1, TDG01) where added to the state register in November 2009.

Their numbers:

41676-09                TDG01

41677-09                TGG1

41678-09                TGZ1,2,3

41679-09                TGT1

41680-09                TGQ1

Gratings verification and calibration are made by The Russain Research Institute of Metrological Service (VNIIMS). VNIIMS calibration possibilities are confirmed by PTB, Coomet (EURO-ASIAN COOPERATION OF NATIONAL METROLOGICAL INSTITUTIONS ), BIMP (Bureau International des Poids et Mesures) and other organizations.